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Cape4all on BeagleBone Black wireless

Cape4all on BeagleBone Black

This setup is based on the Beaglebone Black or Beaglebone Black wireless single-board computer. It is extended with a multi-channel audio interface board in the form of a “cape” for the BeagleBone: the Cape4all. Its hardware design is available under open-source license on Github and was developed by the Leibniz University Hannover in the Cluster of Excellence “Hearing4all” with a focus on low-latency multi-channel audio capabilities. In collaboration with Daniel James and Chris Obbard from 64Studio an ALSA sound driver was developed and a Linux system was optimized for low-latency, real-time audio processing with openMHA: Mahalia.
More information and source files are availble under the links given above. ISO images of the Mahalia distribution can be downloaded from mahalia.openmha.org.

Publications / Conference Contributions

Linux Audio Conference 2018 (paper)

Embedded Linux Conference 2018

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Heise (in German)

Raspberry Pi

A user project running openMHA on a Raspberry Pi setup with (almost) off-the-shelf audio hardware was introduced at the end of 2017. Further details and pointers are found in a corresponding news entry.