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2018 Release of openMHA available


openMHA 4.6.0 is the 2018 major release of the software platform.

Several features were added in this release:

System support

In version 4.6.0 openMHA supports Windows operating systems. Installation Instructions for compiling the software under Windows are provided.

Debian packages for Ubuntu 18.04 are provided.

Tools and documentation

A manual for calibration of hearing aid output was added. Octave/Matlab tools to generate an openMHA configuration according to the outcome of the calibration procedure as well as an configuration example for testing the calibration are provided.

The openMHA documentation has been updated following user feedback. In particular the hands-on example in section 4 of the application engineer manual has been simplified.

New plugins

Extended data exchange capabilities: Two plugins - ac2osc and ac2lsl - have been added that enable data transfer using Open Sound Control (OSC) and Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) protocols.

The MHAIOJackdb plugin enables openMHA to work with blocksizes that differ from the setting in the JACK server for live-processing.

The addsndfile allows to mix sound from a file to a live audio signal.

Previous additions

In the previous release (4.5.8) the following features were added (since 4.5.5)