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openMHA 4.9.0 available


Release 4.9.0 of openMHA contains several new plugins, features, improved documentation and bug fixes.

New plugins:

An optional interactive mode has been added to the openMHA executable such that inputs can be passed directly in the terminal running the mha executable.
Checks of overlap-add configurations were implemented to ensure preservation of amplitude under the transformation.

Improved documentation of openMHA plugins of the prediction_error plugin and the split plugin.
The plugins that implement single-channel noise reduction (formerly known as noisePowProposed and timoSmooth) are renamed to noise_psd_estimator and smooth_cepstrum and plugin documentation has been extended.

For consistency and due to the frequency-domain implementation delaysum_spec the delaysum plugin has been renamed to delaysum_wave.

Bug fixes (also with thanks to user reports on Github):