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openMHA 4.15.0 available


openMHA 4.15.0 extends the tool set for using Matlab code with openMHA

In this release of openMHA, spectral domain support for the Matlab Coder integration, released with version 4.14.0, was added. This enables the utilization of openMHA’s short-term Fourier Transform framework for the implementation of new plugins in Matlab in the spectral domain. The manual was updated accordingly and two new examples (27 and 28) were added that demonstrate the functionality. Furthermore, state keeping capabilities in context with the application of the Matlab Coder integration were enhanced.

In addition to some further documentation updates and code improvements, the MHAIOPortAudio IO plugin for audio capturing and playback using the PortAudio library was extended towards more flexibility regarding different input and output devices and support of real-time scheduling under Linux systems.