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openMHA 4.16.0 released


openMHA 4.16.0 provides support of NAL-NL2 and DSLmio5 fitting rules

In this release of openMHA, the openMHA fitting tools (mhagui_fitting.m and mhagui_fitting_offline.m) were extended to work with NAL-NL2 and DSLmio5 gain prescription rules in case these are available on the user’s computer. For details, see corresponding README files: NAL-NL2 DSLmio5. Further, a template file for the implementation of own fitting rules was added to the tool set.

Another extension of the openMHA tool set is a new graphical user interface for Matlab that can be used to control the generic hearing aid setup provided with the Mahalia operating system for the Portable Hearing Laboratory (see Hardware).

The PortAudio audio IO-library was made more flexible in order to extend audio interface support, in particular for portable hardware platforms.

An example how to interface openMHA with the Python language has been added.